Apex Locator AL8
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* Root file holder alternatively electrode could be sterilized by autoclave.It is safe and clean.
* Battery power is indicated on high resolution LCD screen.The device will automatically turn off after 20 minuted when not in use.
* 3 kinds of soft alarm sounds to choose from plus adjustment of volume or without voice.It is convenience to change mode.
* To make position of root canal file the same as indicator bar,adopts large LCD display with exact visualization.Set Shing position of root tip arbitrarily to length sign during operation.


Standard Features£º


* Probe cord ¡¡¡¡1pc
* File holders¡¡¡¡2pcs
* Contrary electrodes ¡¡5pcs



Gross Weight:0.7KG



* Voltage:DC 7.5V(5XDC 1.5V AA ALkali dry cells)
* Power consumption:below AC80mV
* Test Voltage:below AC80mV
* Test electric current:below 10uA