M-93 Docking station
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1. VIDEO, VGA, 2.0USB  image output function

2.Manual, 4 images display function, can save 60 piece memories, and divided pictures into four images. Can save 240pcs image in total

3.Every image can be zoomed, deleted and recaptured

4.Suitable for NTSC and PAL system

5.can be developed to wireless function

6.Image capture with foot controller (Pedal as optional equipment)


Accessory: ( robot *1. DC- 5V transformer *1. IR cable *1.AV cable *1.S-VIDEO cable *1)

The design of products are original, we use glossy design to make the crust beautiful and particular, it is easy to clean and if it is connected wireless receiver , it will become wireless docking station immediately.

We have four channels to provide you .and this docking station can match all kinds of intra oral cameras,it can save 240images.customers can zoom,deleate and recapture every image;the remote control can help dentist to operate the machine.