MA77 Fine Type
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High Quality, Consist of non-linting, non-absorbent fibers arranged in a spherical shape, it holds solutions in suspension, eliminating dripping, spiling and waste, the bendable portion allows for precise application in difficult to reach areas, can be used for the following:


1) Hemostatic Solutions

2) Disclosing Solutions

3) Sealants

4) Dycal applications

5) Etchants

6) Bonding agents

7) Cavity linings

8) Fluorde varnishing



Involve three types:

1) Superfine: White Color

2) Fine: Yellow Color

3) Regular: Blue Color


Packing: 100pcs per bottle, 4 bottles per box, 40 boxes per case


1) Health

Suitable for different needs. Health and convenience of a soft touch-loaded single agent. The use of soft touch can be a single agent in the clamping ring put, the operation closer to the mouth of patients.

2) Convenient

The use of very fine filler material (micro-filler). The surface of teeth to get a shiny layer. The naked eye can be observed on the surface of the enamel and dentin uniform coverage.

3) Lasting technology

Acetone dentin lead to excessive dehydration. Its own rapid evaporation. Small brush of alcohol is the solvent in the range of high water and volatile solvents (acetone and) between the best