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High performance mixing tips, various available sizes/colors for different mixing needs


Mix100:   Yellow – 4.2 mm      

Mix110:    Pink – 5.4 mm

Mix120:   Green – 6.5 mm

Mix130:    Purple – 7.5 mm

Mix140:    Blue/Orange – 10:1 and 4:1 ratio

Mix150:    Blue – 1:1 ratio

Mix160:    Blue short – 1:1 ratio

Mix170:    Dynamic mixing tip, Imprint / 3M   

Mix175:    Dynamic mixing tip, Heraeus / Coltene Whaledent 

Mix180:    Cement Mixer, short tapered, Brown – 1:1 ratio

Mix190:    Core Build-Up Mixer, short blunt, Brown – 1:1 ratio

Package: 50 tips/bag
                50 bags/case


Tip200:   Intra-oral tip, Yellow, Fits Mix100 and Mix120 

Tip300:   Intra-oral tip (Small opening), Fits Mix110 and Mix120

Tip400:   Intra-oral tip (Short), Fits Mix190

Tip500Intra-oral tip (Long), Fits Mix190

Tip600:  Intra-oral tip (Teal)

Package: 100 tips/bag