Apex Locator AL7
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Item No. AL7



Exclusive producer in China adopting the multi- frequency operating system.
Works well in dry and wet canal
Operated by 3 pieces of AA batteres
Self Calibrating
0.1 mm length determination
Large LCD display with real-time graphic of root canal.
Adjustable volume of the sound indicator
 Different tone of the sound indicator
Adjustable apical constriction (range 0--5mm)                                 
Autoclavable file holder and contrary electrode to avoid cross infection
Steady reading around the apical formamen
Auto power shut-off
 Excellence in working length determination comes with 5 different setting of apical adjustment aound the minor diameter.
CE 0197
Standard accessory:
main unit              1 pc,  
testing cord          1 pc
file holder(autoclaveable)                         2 pcs
contrary electrode 4 pcs,  users manual  1pc
root canal ruler (optional)       
       Standard                                      Optional